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Caregivers: Stop Feeling Guilty

Managing feelings and emotions

Managing feelings and emotions is more than taking deep breaths and working towards being zen-like.  There are many different tactics to try and put into practice in your daily routine.

Whether a newbie caregiver or one that has been doing it for years, accepting the range of emotions that will be felt is the first step to properly managing them.  In other words, it’s ok to feel all those feelings: the good and the bad.

Stay social and be active.  It’s easy to become bogged down with all the responsibility that comes with being a caregiver, but by taking a bit of time to chat with other people, even strangers goes a long way to being able to cope.  So, join that bowling league or join an online book club, it will do more good than not.

Take daily breaks. Even a quick 15-minute coffee break to quietly sip and enjoy a hot a cup to recharge your batteries.  If leaving the patient’s side is a concern, ask friends and family to cover a few shifts once in while.