Bo Stanley: This model says "No" to unhealthy and unrealistic representations in media

Professional surfer and plus-size model Bo Stanley epitomizes the cute and carefree California Surfer Girl style. Stanley’s curvy, toned body and athletic, healthy lifestyle make her a natural beauty and an inspirational role model for women and girls around the world. Through her own blog and her collaboration with the Healthy is the New Skinny campaign, Stanley encourages body positivity and media representations of healthy, natural female figures.

Stanley alleges that she was dropped by her former sponsor, surfer-chic clothing retailer Billabong, because of her curvy size. However, the boho beauty refused to be kept down due to her size and achieved success as a plus-size model for numerous major campaigns for businesses, including the national clothing retailer Kohl’s. Stanley aspires to empower women to reject the toxic influence of unhealthy and unrealistic representations of body image in the media.

She encourages all women to embrace their own, individual beauty and advocates for increased diversity and body positivity in the media. Her strong, athletic physique and commitment to leading a healthy, active lifestyle make her a role model for everyone.

Source: Instagram