Candice Huffine: A size 12 model at the forefront of challenging the standard "plus size" label

At a size 12, Candice Huffine is categorized as a plus-size model. As recently as a few years ago, a plus-size model like Huffine might not have had the opportunity to work in high fashion. However, Huffine is at the forefront of a new wave of models challenging the plus-size label and pushing for more opportunities for curvy models.

Many plus-size models began their careers on straight boards, agency rosters of models sizes 0 to 6, then switched over to plus boards, for models above size 10, after deciding they no longer wanted to endure the stress of maintaining an unnaturally thin physique. Huffine, on the other hand, started out as a curvaceous size 6. After being rejected by dozens of modeling agencies, one agency suggested that she sign a contract as a plus-size model, a distinction for models larger than the industry standard. At the time, Huffine was only 16 years old and the plus-size industry was still relatively new.

Early in her career, her agents cautioned her that plus-sized modeling might not be a reliable way to earn a living. However, Huffine succeeded and proved these naysayers wrong. Her first major commercial campaign was for Lane Bryant, a national retailer of plus-size clothing. In 2011, Huffine was featured in an iconic shoot for Vogue Italia with plus-size models Robyn Lawley and Tara Lynn. The groundbreaking cover was the first to feature plus-size models in ten years and represented a pivotal moment both in Huffine’s career and the broader plus-size movement.

Huffine hopes that her success will pave the way for increased opportunities for curvy women in high fashion.

Source: Instagram