Iskra Lawrence: Aerie's "Role model" criticizes unrealistic standards of beauty

Iskra Lawrence is a model for Aerie, a brand that has made headlines with its bold decision to showcase models with a variety of different body types in unretouched photos, which are not edited to remove so-called flaws and imperfections like cellulite, stretch marks, and freckles.

Aerie launched its Role Model campaign featuring “role model” models alongside their own personal role models: their moms. Iskra and her mom appear together in the heartwarming photos for Aerie’s summer ’18 collection. Iskra credits her mom’s unconditional love as the source for the confidence she needed to defy traditional expectations and become a model.

As part of Aerie’s mission to promote inclusivity and body positivity, Lawrence designed a pair of cute and comfy Aerie leggings with “self-made” written on the upper thigh. All profits from the sale of these leggings benefit the National Eating Disorder Association, a nonprofit organization that supports individuals and families whose lives have been impacted by eating disorders. Lawrence uses her status as a social-media icon to promote body positivity and self-love, to criticize unrealistic beauty standards for women, and to support and inspire others struggling with body-image issues by sharing her own personal experiences overcoming an eating disorder.

Lawrence started a lifestyle website called everybody with Iskra to provide a welcoming, safe space for girls and women struggling with eating disorders. The website features healthy, nutritious recipes that don’t mention calories and exercise tips for workouts that emphasize gaining strength and feeling healthy rather than trying to slim down.

Source: Instagram