Jennifer Atilémile: She believes that all women should embrace their natural bodies

Model and social-media icon Jennifer Atilémile has modeled for numerous brands including The Iconic, Target, Myer, Peter Alexander, City Chic, and Evans in the UK. Her most recognizable campaign, for Australian lingerie brand Berlei, made her famous on billboards and television commercials throughout her native Australia.

As the face of the Curvy Boutique for Australian retailer The Iconic, Atilémile was proud to participate in the movement to make fashion more accessible for full-figured women. Atilémile is a passionate writer and has even earned a Master’s degree in Journalism.

She uses her blog as a platform for writing about fashion, beauty, food, and lifestyle topics, as well as social commentary and personal introspection. Atilémile believes all women deserve to feel comfortable and confident about embracing their natural bodies. She hopes that, one day, labels like “plus size” will become obsolete and bodies of all shapes and sizes will be accepted and celebrated.

Source: Instagram