Kate Wasley: From eating disorder to one of the first curvy models in Sports Illustrated

Body-positive advocate and model Kate Wasley had to overcome a personal struggle with an eating disorder to become a certified personal trainer and successful model. Wasley is relatively new to the fashion industry, but she’s already masking waves, earning a coveted spot in Sports Illustrated’s iconic Swimsuit Issue and becoming the first curve model for straight-size active-wear brand Lorna Jane. Wasley appeared in Sports Illustrated alongside fellow Aussie model and personal friend Georgia Gibbs.

The two joined forces to launch Any BODY, a platform designed to promote the acceptance of all body types. Wasley and Gibbs felt inspired to join the body-positivity movement after an Instagram photo of the two unexpectedly went viral when a number of people re-posted the photo and falsely accused Gibbs of photo-shopping the image to make herself appear thinner and her friend appear larger.

Gibbs and Wasley took the controversy in stride and transformed the negative personal experience into an opportunity to promote positive social change. The friends share heartwarming photos on a shared Instagram account in the hope that other women will follow their example and accept one another for who they are rather than comparing and shaming women of different body types.

Source: Instagram