Katie Willcox: A model who constantly advocates for body positivity

Model, CEO, author, and public speaker Katie Willcox is a passionate advocate for body positivity. She started a blog called Healthy is the New Skinny (HNS) in 2011; over the years, HNS has evolved into a clothing brand and social media campaign dedicated to promoting positive body image for women around the globe. Willcox wrote a book, Healthy is the New Skinny: Your Guide to Self-Love in a “Picture Perfect World,” to spread her message about the importance of resisting the harmful effects of advertising and the media.

Willcox also founded Natural Model Management, a successful Los Angeles modeling agency that encourages models to maintain a natural, healthy weight. Willcox hopes that, one day, women of all shapes and sizes will be represented in the fashion industry and so-called “plus-size models” will be referred to simply as “models.” Willcox’s dedication to promoting positive body image and healthy lifestyles for all women is truly an inspiration.

Source: Instagram