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Celiac Disease: Understanding the Gluten Project:

How has the Gluten Project been helping other people?

The Gluten Project has already helped a lot of people suffering from celiac disease and other patients that are sensitive to gluten. One story, shared by Emily Price, tells about her friend with celiac disease. Price shared that her friend reached a point where he had to carefully check each food package for a “gluten-free” label; otherwise, he would get a reaction after consuming the product. Due to this, grocery shopping became a very big chore for him.

She then shared about the Gluten Project as an engine that searches for specifically gluten-free products that are good for her friend. She stated that it can help people look for products and the links where they can be bought online (some products do not have links but have addresses where the products can be bought). As a whole, she guaranteed that the website is a good place for any person suffering from celiac disease and would want to figure out what products can be eaten.