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Chicken Pox: Reasons Why the Oatmeal Bath is Your Best Bet

Chicken Pox: Reasons Why the Oatmeal Bath is Your Best Bet

When an individual is suffering from chickenpox, the symptoms that accompany it are less than desirable. One desperately wants to rid themselves of the virus as fast as possible. Some of the symptoms of chicken pox include fever, coughing, pains and severely itchy skin. Some medications are crucial for treatment purposes and reducing the severity of symptoms. Among the many recommended medication plans, taking baths with oatmeal is one of the most popular methods of relief. In this review, we are going to focus on the reasons why the oatmeal bath is your best bet to assist in the treatment of chicken pox. There are many different types of oatmeal that can be used for baths, the most notable ones include raw oatmeal, colloidal oatmeal, and Aveeno.


Out of the large variety of foods that people consume for breakfast on a daily basis, oatmeal is one of the healthiest choices. However, this magical ingredient is also used for treating a number of health problems as well. For centuries, oatmeal has been used by people as a home remedy and calming agent for shingles, insect bites, itchy skin, poison ivy and rashes. It has moisturizing properties that help in treating dry skin and also act as a soothing agent. In any form available, oatmeal is ideal for soothing itchy skin, a common symptom in chicken pox. Colloidal oatmeal is a powder which, when mixed with water, it disperses and results in a milky bath suitable for soothing purposes. A bath with colloidal oatmeal relieves some of the itching symptoms.

The oatmeal bath is easy to prepare. It only requires one to have oatmeal and water as the primary ingredients. Preparation procedure for the bath is available on most online websites. You can also obtain a bath preparation manual from the same place you purchase the oatmeal. Preparing an oatmeal bath is quick and simple. Oatmeal is available in many different places around the world. Plus, oatmeal is relatively cheap to obtain as compared to other prescription medications. So if you are suffering from chicken pox and seriously affected by the symptoms, yet you have insufficient finances to purchase other recommended medications, then an oatmeal bath is perfect for you! A decent pack of oatmeal usually goes for less than 2$ in most stores.

In the most commercially available oatmeal products on the market, they are all comprised of natural ingredients. This means that they have very few adverse effects on the individual who uses them. The natural oat component has been highly recommended by dermatologists as a suitable ingredient for skin protection and treatment. In this respect, it is ideal for use in pregnant women. In addition to removing the itching effect from the skin, oatmeal has proved effective in restoring the pH of the skin. Flavored oatmeal may be excluded from this, as it contains a sugar content that could upset the pH levels of your skin and vagina instead of healing it. The plain oatmeal is far cheaper than flavored ones and is the recommended oatmeal to treat chicken pox. Using flavored oatmeal could result in more harm than benefit and is highly discouraged. Oatmeal also assists in maintaining the moisture of your skin. It reduces your chances of developing dry skin and acts as a barrier to the skin’s moisture. It also protects you from dry skin effects. The drying of skin can happen in chicken pox after the blisters dry up and the skin begins to scab. Thus, using oatmeal to keep skin hydrated and soft is encouraged. A patient is also recommended to put on some other mild moisturizing lotion (as recommended by the health care provider) after taking oatmeal baths, to provide additional moisture to the skin.

The finely milled oatmeal present in the colloidal form of oatmeal prevents you from obtaining skin irritation. Oatmeal offers skin protection and acts as an effective treatment for those who are already suffering from irritation of the skin. Raw oatmeal and oatmeal products are widely available in most stores. This means that obtaining the product for personal use is incredibly simple. Plus, one is not required to have special permissions, such as a letter or prescription from the doctor or dermatologist. For most medications, individuals need written letters confirming that they were instructed to purchase those medications. But with oatmeal, there are no limitations like this, it is easily obtainable from a grocery store. Oatmeal is also just a mouse-click away for those who prefer shopping at online grocery stores. Another fact about oatmeal is that it doesn’t produce unpleasant smells, this is because of the very mild flavor oatmeal possesses. Oatmeal produces a sweet, fragrant smell. After the bath, you need not worry about smelling stinky as a result of using oatmeal. It can also be mixed with your preferred scented oil. This is optional, but it has been proven to enhance the experience for those taking an oatmeal bath. Oils can simply be more nourishing for the skin and as the skin requires more nourishment during chicken pox, one is recommended to use oatmeal with some essential oils. Oatmeal baths can be done in the comfort of one’s own home, at any selected day and time the individual wishes. There are no limitations as to when, how or where the bath is taken. As an individual suffering from chicken pox, you have the authority to decide when exactly to take the oatmeal bath. However, it is good to take an oatmeal bath at least once a day during the chicken pox.

Finally, it’s very important that you don’t substitute medications with the oatmeal bath. Its chief purpose is to soothe the skin and help the individual relax. This is not a treatment that will cure the virus from the inside. The patient should continue taking the medications as prescribed by the doctor. The oatmeal bath should be used as an additional remedy for fast, effective healing of the skin and preventing itchy skin and scarring during and after the chicken pox.