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Community Rallies Around Student Fighting Lymphoma

"It's a win-win situation"

As stated by Grobbel, Beaumont Children’s Hospital plans to do the event this year as well; however, they may not be able to do it the whole month of December simply because it can be difficult to have staff members involved every day, all while having to follow safety precautions to keep the patients safe. Nevertheless, the strength and positivity experienced through the event shines ‘rays of hope’, which can be felt by both the patients and the community. “It’s a win-win situation. The community gets to be part of a great thing, and the patients get a show of support from them,” said Bob Ortlieb, senior media relations coordination at Beaumont Children’s Hospital.

“You soared beyond medicine, sharing the love of a community to heal spirits” - Beaumont Children’s & the Pediatric Family Advisory Council


Photo: Fox 2 Detroit