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Coping Strategies for Ovarian Cancer Patients and Families

Living your life with ovarian cancer

Most women experience a wide range of powerful emotions when they receive news of an ovarian cancer diagnosis. However, there is no one or right way to deal with ovarian cancer. Each woman tries to figure out what works best for her. Some women choose to remain private about their diagnosis, staying upbeat for the sake of family and friends; while others choose to talk openly about their disease, acknowledging their feelings at different times.

Adjusting to and finding ways to cope with cancer is a crucial part of the healing process, together with treatment. Individual counseling and support groups are just some of the options available to help you and your loved ones deal with the emotions and challenges raised by your diagnosis. It is equally important to create a support network as part of managing your care. Coping with and living life with ovarian cancer is not impossible if you know how to.