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Coping with Hair Loss During Treatment

Support is helpful through all parts of the process

One of the hardest parts about going through cancer is the isolation it leads to, and the feeling that no one around you, even those who normally get you completely, understand what you are going through. However, there are ways to get in touch with people who have been through the same thing, or even read about their experiences online. This way, you will learn from someone who has experienced it firsthand, and not just have someone explain it to you objectively.

Panzer points out that it is always a good idea to become a part of a support group, "it can be validating to know that the emotions you are having are normal. Meeting other people whose hair is growing back after completing treatment is a reminder that you can get through this, too."

Many hospitals offer support groups for patients to discuss what they are going through, as well as their concerns for the future. There are also support groups with survivors. The internet is always a great place to look, as well, as there are tons of chat rooms and forums dedicated specifically to people with cancer. One of the most popular online communities is called Connections.