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Coping with the Pain of Fibromyalgia

Coping with the Pain of Fibromyalgia

One size most certainly does not fit all. We are living it too and completely understand. We know that the biggest challenge of fibromyalgia is adapting to the severe and debilitating pain almost everyone experiences. We also suffer from fibro "brain-fog" and bone crushing fatigue, which often gets in the way of even the most simple tasks. 

The trial and error formula is really the only to find the methods to cope with pain and to find what works to ease your individual symptoms, even for just a little bit. Treatment options range from medications like Lyrica to making certain dietary changes and researchers continue to find a number of ways for patients to find relief. 

Fibromyalgia differs from patient to patient, so much so, that it's almost a customized version of fibromyalgia for each individual. Symptoms may seem similar, but can manifest in different parts and structures of the body. So, while some interventions may work for some, others won't, which can surely be frustrating for patients seeking answers.

It is essential to the patient's prognosis that they take their own active role in the management of their disease. By taking charge and making small adjustments at home, work and during downtime, they can decrease the level of pain which naturally will give hopefulness, and a shot to their self confidence. We know how dealing with a painful chronic disease can take its toll and beat you down. But taking an active role--TAKING CHARGE of your health, will help even if it's just a small improvement. 

In order to live properly with fibromyalgia, the patient must make multi-dimensional changes to accommodate their condition.

Here is a list of tips and methods for those who are struggling to manage their symptoms.

Take a look at your treatment plan and see how it can be adjusted

There's a wide range of beliefs when it comes to treating Fibromyalgia with medication. The prescription should be part of an individualized treatment plan for your individual case. If the medication is not working for you, do your own research. If you are having severe side effects, it's possible you have an allergy of sorts to the ingredients. Or, check out patient reviews and show to your doctor. When it comes to maintaining your health, you have to own that responsibility. It's so hard when you are literally "sick and tired" of being "sick and tired." But that's exactly the time you have to say "I'm taking back my health and getting answers."  This is not just a rah rah speech. This is from individuals who are living exactly as many of you are. 

Read on to learn more tips and methods to help you cope with fibromyalgia pain.