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Country-Pop Singer RaeLynn Talks About Life with Diabetes

RaeLynn has become an important voice for type 1 diabetes

RaeLynn is a patient ambassador at Novo Nordisk, a healthcare organization that specializes in diabetes treatment. She has taken these opportunities because she wants to maximize the platforms where she can share her journey. The country-pop singer has also launched the RaeLynn Diabetes Foundation in 2016.

RaeLynn acknowledges that she was lucky enough to be able to pay her medical bills and learn about the condition early on. She remains thankful for the support of her family and the care she received from the Texas Children’s Hospital. However, she is aware that others do not have the same privilege. She wants to help young children by helping them acquire the proper medical equipment and cover hospital payments. The singer also wants to create a community that will provide support and empowerment to fellow diabetes sufferers.

Photo Source: RaeLynn "Love Triangle" Acoustic, Live