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Country-Pop Singer RaeLynn Talks About Life with Diabetes

The challenges of her diabetes diagnosis: RaeLynn had several difficulties managing her condition

RaeLynn admits that she has not always managed her disease well. She says that during her teenage years, she was rather careless at handling the condition. The singer claims that she was always tired because she did not monitor her blood sugar often, and she didn’t make an effort to take care of herself. It was only when a doctor reminded her that she only had one body for her entire life that she made the proper changes. The reprimand made a lasting impact on her, and it was then that she decided to improve her diabetes management.

As an adult, the singer says that she has been able to stick to the management plan her doctor has specifically crafted for her. This commitment has helped RaeLynn as an artist because she is in top condition to write, perform, and record. She admits that it can be rough because of the unpredictable nature of the job. Especially since performing involves a lot of traveling.