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Couple Who Raised $200K for Charity at Wedding Get a Surprise Honeymoon

Charitable weddings hold a ton of potential

The newlyweds stated that they hoped their unconventional way of getting married could serve as inspiration to others. “We believe that the strength of a marriage is harbored in the challenges that each individual endures. With the G.W.E.D., we want to show others that it’s OK to be vulnerable. We’re all flawed in some way. We’re all dealing with some kind of trauma. But there’s not a challenge we can’t overcome together,” said Remington. “Imagine if we had compassion for ourselves; the way we treat others would be better,” added Au.

Seeing as how the wedding industry is $76 billion, Remington stresses that if you want to do something differently, consider turning your registry into a donation platform. “So even if 1 percent of that could go back to nonprofit, we could do a lot of good,” he said.