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Cystic Fibrosis: Accommodating for College

Examples of possible accommodations

While the exact accommodations that you and your CF care team will decide that you need may be different from others, some of the most commonly requested accommodations due to CF include the following:

  • On-campus housing
  • On-campus parking, or parking near entries
  • Changes made to the student's physical education requirements
  • Prior arrangements made to get class notes to the student or to provide a recording of the class lecture if absent due to illness
  • Prior arrangements made to change due dates of projects or assignments and changing of test dates if the student is ever absent due to illness
  • Giving the student the opportunity to complete coursework even after the course has ended, especially if the students missed a lot of the semester due to illness
  • Forgiveness in class attendance rules
  • Changes in the number of hours that the student is required to attend per semester (although a reduction in class hours attended could negatively affect the student's health insurance coverage)
  • Accommodating the student with specific needs in their dorm room, including a private room, room close to a bathroom, room with a private bathroom, or air conditioning if needed