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Cystic Fibrosis: Accommodating for College

Sarah White, 25, Georgia

“The biggest adjustment was taking on the responsibilities of getting my own medication and handling my own insurance and working out my own doctor's appointments to go with my new, adult schedule. I had a difficult time at first, balancing everything. You really have to take the time to work it into your schedule. But, eventually you do get it all together and it's not so catastrophic and disorganized. Eventually, you realize that you have to get everything in a roll and it will all work out fine."

“When I first went to college, I enjoyed the freedom of taking on my own healthcare. For so long, my mother had done it for me. I felt like, at times, I didn't even know what medications that I was on. So, really in taking over my own healthcare and being responsible for it, I feel like I learned more about my disease. I feel like I'm more in tune with my body and I know when I feel bad. Whereas, before, I would run myself down.”