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Cystic Fibrosis: The Year in Review

Cystic fibrosis victories

In October of this year, Jerry Cahill and Emily Schaller biked more than 500 miles from Buffalo, NY to Quebec, Canada over a period of about seven days. This isn’t the first time that Jerry and Emily have completed this route, in fact, it’s actually the fifth time. After over 2,000 miles and raising over $750,000, the pair are still going strong. Jerry is 61 and actually had a double lung transplant five years ago due to his cystic fibrosis; Emily, 35, similarly lives with the condition. While biking over 500 miles in such a short amount of time would be a challenge for anybody, it's especially admirable considering that they have done so in the face of their disease. On top of that, they also made stops along their route to raise awareness about the condition and funds to continue supporting research.