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Despite Cystic Fibrosis, Professional Triathlete Won 11 Ironman Championships

Her new book details her life's journey

Bentley’s newly published book, An Unlikely Champion redefines the term ‘winning’. It is a chronological overview of her path from a mere high school runner to a champion triathlete. The book also details Bentley’s battle with CF and her transition from hiding her disease to seeing it as a gift that enabled her to maintain a victorious career as an athlete, a coach, and a motivational speaker.
An Unlikely Champion is not a book about winning races, nor is it about CF. It is about the conquest in life and being the best that you can be with the deck of cards that you have been dealt with. It is about finding a path to achievement when every path seems hazy and impassable. Above all, the book is about having the courage to harness your inner fire to your true purpose, getting out of your comfort zone and turning what feels like inevitable failure into courageous triumph – no matter what the field.
“I have no doubt that in Lisa’s book, An Unlikely Champion, you will find the inspiration to step things up in your own life, set the bar a little higher and reach for more. Lisa shares her blueprint and life lessons for being the best we can be and always finishing what we start,” – a testimonial by Craig Alexander, three-time Ironman World Champion.

Photo: Lisa Bentley