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Despite Cystic Fibrosis, Professional Triathlete Won 11 Ironman Championships

Her lung capacity was at only 56% in 2010, and it increased over two years to 85%

In January of 2010, she was hospitalized with a lung capacity at 56% and put on IV antibiotics for 5 weeks. Gradually, throughout the course of two years, Bentley’s lung capacity reached 85%. She attributed her good health to the hands-on care that she received from Dr. Liz Tullis and the CF team at St. Michael’s Hospital.
Despite these hardships, Bentley never let CF break her. “I get scared sometimes too that I will get sick. I was very scared in 2011 when I was on IV for 5 weeks. But we can be brave and scared at the same time and live full and seize every single moment,” she said.