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Diabetes Killed Grateful Dead's Jerry Garcia: Lessons that Were Learned

Final thoughts

Photo: Jerry Garcia. Source: Steve Hoffman Music Forums.

Taking any type of drug other than your prescribed diabetic drugs will alter blood sugar levels as well as the body’s ability to use diabetes medications. Those who are addicted to drugs need to follow precautions that include:

  • Individuals with diabetes who decide to take illicit drugs should do so in the presence of another person. If you go into a coma or complications arise, you have someone to rush you to the hospital.
  • Wear a diabetic medical I.D. bracelet that identifies you as a diabetic should you be found alone and in the streets.

Avoid stress, peer pressure and stand up to people who try to talk you into taking drugs. You can find it within yourself to avoid illicit drugs. Learn the lessons that Jerry Garcia attempted to learn before it becomes too late.