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Diabetes and Intimacy: What Should Patients Do to Improve Their Relationships?

Diabetes can also affect your sexual libido

A lack of desire due to diabetes complications can complicate your relationships with your partner. Other factors that might cause a lack of desire include family and workplace stress, financial problems, fatigue and changes in body image. Simple things like privacy can also bring on issues being intimate in your home. “It’s not usually one thing that fixes everything,” Dr. Davis says. “You’ve got to really take a long, hard look at your situation.”

Medications for a low sexual desire for women are highly limited. Doctors may prescribe testosterone off-label, but this therapy is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Addyi or flibanser was permitted by the FDA in 2015 to help increase desire in premenopausal women but is not appropriate for women with diabetes. This medication has the side effect of light-headedness or fainting spells.  Passing out during sex or at any time could be a huge problem if you are prone to hypoglycemic episodes. In addition to, it doesn’t really work.

Sexual counseling is often successful. Sexual desire also comes down to patience and communication between partners. Try to use sex tactics recommended by a sex therapist. Do remember, that diabetes is a health issue and can affect desire.