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Diabetes and Intimacy: What Should Patients Do to Improve Their Relationships?

Diabetes is your third wheel

Diabetes doesn’t have to make your sex life difficult. It is a common concern, and about 50 percent of women with diabetes have a form of diabetes-related sexual complication. Nerve and artery damage, disrupted sex-related hormones, and inadequate lubrication leads to painful intercourse and low arousal. Loss of sensation due to diabetic complexities make it difficult or impossible to reach an orgasm.

If your blood glucose is out of whack, you will feel too tired or cranky for intimacy. If you take a blood-glucose lowering medication, there is also the potential of hypoglycemia.

To make it more complicated, problems that accompany diabetes include high blood pressure, heart issues and depression. The treatments used for these conditions often inhibit sexual function. Dealing with diabetes as with any chronic disease puts an emotional strain on a couple. “Diabetes is like the third person in a relationship,” says Dr. Roszler.