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Diabetes and Intimacy: What Should Patients Do to Improve Their Relationships?

Steps to help with diabetes and sex

  • Approach sex like exercise. Check your insulin before sex and have a snack if it is low.
  • Just go with it. Planning is helpful, but just let it happen. Make sure to check your glucose levels after sex.
  • Use a lubricant. Vaginal dryness will cause sex to be difficult. Ask your doctor about a lubricant that can be used all the time.
  • Get a room. Treat yourself and your partner to a night at a hotel. A room away from home is a great sex enhancer. So, plan something fun.
  • Keep a sex arsenal kit close to your bed. Include a box of juice or glucose tablets, and a lubricant in your kit. Use massage oils or other supplies to enhance the mood.
  • Relax. Don’t stress about diabetes. Expect the unexpected and have a sense of humor if something goes wrong. Your partner will love you all the more if you are confident, relaxed and go with the flow.