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Diabetes and Relationships: How Should Partners Support Patients?

Be there when they need you

Be concerned but not too much. You might also want to try going to diabetic nutrition classes with your partner or spouse. Act as you care. Diabetes is a difficult diagnosis to handle, so be there for them when they need you.

If you are the one with diabetes, let your spouse or partner know how you feel. Don’t put your partner on the defensive and don’t accuse them of not caring.

In the words of one person with diabetes to another, "I feel as if I can live my life normally. I have someone who cares but doesn’t hover. They gently remind me I need to take my insulin and move the sugary drinks out of the way when I am tempted. They know when my blood sugar runs low and are there with a smile and a piece of fruit. Never in my life have I heard them be tempted to leave me because of a chronic health condition. Why would anyone do that, anyway?"