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Diabetes and Relationships: How Should Partners Support Patients?

Diabetes can also bring a huge financial burden for families

Relationships can definitely be affected by finances and the high cost of medical care for someone with diabetes. When diabetes is out of control, and the partner with diabetes does little to nothing to keep it under control, financial burdens become greater as health deteriorates.  Amputation is emotionally distressing and expensive, hospital stays are costly, and long-term complications are devastating to patients and families.

The cost of insulin is a huge burden. If you don’t have insurance, and even if you do, vials of insulin can run between $100 and $200. Those with diabetes will need at least two vials a week and this equates to $800 to $1000 a month. Not many families can tolerate this type of expense. Check with your doctor for less expensive ways to get your insulin, check out insurances, look for programs will help you pay for your medications. If all else fails, lose weight to bring down your usage of insulin.