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The Best Diet and Foods for Multiple Sclerosis

Dr. Jelinek's message

Dr. Jelinek proposes a plant-based diet, with supplementation of Vitamin D and omega-3s.

Dr. Jelinek expounds the positive response of his program. And, he shares how it would allow you to overpower your MS symptoms: The life-changing conditions caused by the demyelination of nerve cells in your brain and spinal column.

He reminds us that inflammation is at the root of stripping your nerves of their protective coating. The foods he recommends you eat are therefore low in inflammatory properties. For further clarification, review his online visual guide to ‘Understanding Fats: Friends and Foes’.

While awaiting a cure for MS, the mission of Dr. Jelinek’s program is to “help people overcome MS, and enjoy a healthy life.”

Dr. Jelinek’s plan for overcoming MS has been transferred to paper back and is available online.