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Do Diabetic Patients Typically Experience Mood Swings?

Making lifestyle changes is the best way to control diabetes.

It is difficult to balance your life when you have diabetes. It requires time and effort, but it should not make a difference in your enjoyment of life. You will need to be conscious of foods, timing, and medication but you can do it!

Healthy habits should include:

  • Keep to a meal schedule when possible. You can manage blood sugar levels if you eat at regular times. Try not to vary the times or your portions
  • Regular exercise is essential. Your mood lifts if you exercise and control your weight. Check your blood sugar levels before and after exercising, however, keep yourself on track.
  • Always take your medication on time. Medication should be taken at the same time every day, and you should regularly check your blood sugar to keep the levels within the ideal range.
  • Find diabetes self-management programs that work for you. These programs can help you focus on learning and using healthy behaviors.

When you feel depression or anger coming on, try these calming techniques:

  • Take deep breaths
  • Channel your anger
  • Sit in a quiet place away from loud noise, lots of people, and bright lights
  • Focus on treating your blood glucose levels
  • Concentrate on sipping water

A support system will be your best line of defense. It may be your family and friends or a group of people with diabetes just like you. Whoever you choose for your support system, educate them on what it’s like to be diabetic.