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Do I Have the Flu?

Do I Have the Flu?

The flu is a contagious viral infection that commonly occurs during the fall through spring. Understanding the symptoms of the flu will help in getting medical attention at an early stage, so that an individual can be cured within a shorter period of time. Understanding that you have the flu and receiving proper medical attention will help to reduce the duration of your suffering to a large extent.

First and foremost, the flu season follows a predictable pattern from fall to spring, and it can spread extremely quickly. Starting with children, the outbreaks can easily reach adults as well. The symptoms of the flu resemble that of a common cold. However, the symptoms of the flu are more severe, and appear more suddenly, when compared to a common cold.

If you have the flu, you can experience a combination of the following:

This condition begins with high fevers, headaches, and body pain. The symptoms of the flu usually peak within three days of contracting the virus, and gradually reduce within a week. Tiredness and cough may continue for another week or so. 

You should seek medical attention if you feel a shortness of breath, persistent cough, discoloration of lips, dizziness, seizures, and severe vomiting. The flu may lead to complications like sinusitis, dehydration, and pneumonia.

You can treat the symptoms of the flu using simple methods. Acetaminophen and ibuprofen will help to reduce a fever. The cough and cold can be managed using over-the-counter medications. Rest is essential for the body and one should drink plenty of fluids. 

Key Takeaways

  • Several symptoms of the flu include body aches, fever, headaches, chills, and flushed skin.
  • The flu can last for well over a week.