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Everything You Need To Know About Circumcision

Everything You Need To Know About Circumcision

Everything You Need To Know About Circumcision

What is circumcision? A circumcision is the surgical removal of the foreskin on male’s penis. This is an operation done by a professional doctor, since it requires expertise to conduct the procedure. The foreskin is the outer cover skin of the male penis.
However, there has been a long history concerning circumcision. There are also several myths and misconceptions that have been related to the process. All these things have varied form one community to another. Some have believed in carrying out the procedure immediately after a male child is born while others do it later. Nevertheless, is an operation that comes with numerous benefits.

The Procedure

Circumcision is quicker and simpler than it sounds. It involves a quick surgical procedure. You are usually admitted in the hospital for a single day where you are able to leave the same day without spending the night in the hospital. The procedure can be carried out through three processes that are determined by the type of anesthesia your doctor is going to use. A doctor may decide to use a general anesthetic, in which case you will sleep the entire operation. For a general anaesthesia, you are required to not drink or eat anything for 6 hours before the surgery is performed.

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When you undergo a local anesthetic injection, only your penis area will go numb during the process. It is the most commonly used means. A doctor may also decide to use spinal anesthetic which is different. Using this type of anesthesia will make the patient numb on the lower side of the body from the waist. Circumcision can also be done at home, a few days or weeks after a child is born, or even later. The procedure is done by use of surgical scissors or a scalpel to remove the foreskin just behind the penis head.

In cases where the procedure is performed at home, or to a child, there is little pain experienced that may cause the child to cry. After the foreskin is removed, appropriate medicine is applied before the wound is covered. A petroleum jelly to quickly heal the wound such as Vaseline can also be applied.

Is Circumcision Accompanied by Any Complications?

Complications after circumcision are really rare. However, in some cases they might arise depending on a number of factors such as the health of the patient, tools used or even the person performing the procedure. These complications may include:

  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Excess or little removal of the foreskin
  • Irritation that is mostly felt at the tip of the penis
  • Blocking of the urethra
  • Tenderness especially on the area surrounding the scar
  • Reduction of sensation felt around the head of male’s penis especially during sex

Benefits of Circumcision

Circumcision is known to have several benefits; most of them are medically related. They may include the following:

  • Lowers the risk of urinary tract infections. According to research, circumcised males have lower chances of getting infections of the kidney or bladder and the urethra.
  • Lowers risk of penile cancer.
  • Eliminates any infection of the foreskin. Once you are circumcised, the foreskin is removed, hence no chances of getting any foreskin infections.
  • Lowers the risk of sexually transmitted infections

The Bottom Line

Circumcision is a very important operation for males. In most cases, it is also important to do this to newborns before they grow older. Nevertheless, it can be done later in life. It is a safe and important passage done many people all over the world.