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Exercise Tips for Those with Lupus

Keep a journal, exercise with a friend and follow a program

  • Keep a journal.  A journal will provide many benefits. It helps you set goals and tracks your progress. Watching your energy and exercise levels increase is encouraging. You can decide what types of exercise work best for your situation. Make note of how you feel emotionally and physically after exercising. If you don’t exercise one day, write it down. A journal will give you patterns in your symptoms and abilities.
  • Exercise with a friend. Not only does a buddy add a lot of fun to exercise, but they will encourage you. Find a friend who knows what you are going through. Your buddy can inspire you to exercise when you don’t feel up to it. Join a class to stay motivated. Aquatics, yoga or tai chi classes give each other encouragement and keep you going. You might even make a new friend or two.
  • Follow a program of doing weight-bearing exercises. These workouts are easy on the joints and are great ways to get in cardio exercise. Do some weight-bearing exercises including using an elliptical machine or just walking. Weight-bearing exercises keep your body in good health and help prevent osteoporosis. Weight-bearing exercises are very important if you are on steroids.