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Facing Life's Uncertainties with Parkinson's Disease

Nancy Sohan: Another patients who doesn't let Parkinson's stop her

Another diagnosed patient is Nancy Sohan, an 83-year old strong-willed woman who has been diagnosed for 23 years.

Like Rene, her first symptom was her left index finger shaking. She never thought about Parkinson’s or possibly being diagnosed with it. However, it was starting to get alarming for her when she was slowly losing her sense of smell. Before her diagnosis, she had a keen sense of smell and took regular walks around her neighborhood. She only had to take medications after a few years when her disease started to drastically progress. However, despite her diagnosis, she did not let it stop her life.

Nancy now goes to a support group once a month, does short regular walks, and enjoys going to cruises. She is supported by her husband Richard.