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Facing Life's Uncertainties with Parkinson's Disease

Rene Noel: Despite Parkinson's, he continues to drive and go to the gym

Rene Noel, a 73-year old diagnosed patient, has been diagnosed for 18 years. He did not suspect that his twitching index finger then was an early sign of Parkinson’s disease. The stockbroker suspected that it was merely a pinched nerve since he was a constantly in the gym. However, after he and his wife Linda decided to get it checked, the doctors confirmed the disease. His disease progressed faster, despite his doctors saying it may get worse after six months.

Even with the fast progress of his Parkinson's disease, Rene still worked for 8 years after his diagnosis. He was forced to stop when his symptoms were too much, and he can’t use his keyboard anymore. However, Linda did not hinder any support. Rene went to the gym 3-4 times a week, drove himself there, and got physical therapies in the hospital.

At present, the couple lives life positively and Rene is currently under deep brain stimulation and hopes for the better.