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Facing Life's Uncertainties with Parkinson's Disease

Robert J. Silver: A celebrated author with Parkinson's disease

Robert J. Silver, a celebrated author of Keepin' On: Living Well with Parkinson's Disease, had his first diagnosis 13 years ago. He is a retired psychologist and has been going around the US to give insights about his new book and life. Contrary to what his doctors described as a “life of grim”, his current life has not been an ounce of grim despite being diagnosed. Silver has lived a creative, full, rich, and active life. The author skis, plays tennis and golf, and is currently involved in various communities through voluntary work.

His book described the struggles he had gone through. He described a life of constant dizziness and difficulty in mobility. He had an array of medications that did not work all the time but left him with tons of side effects.