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Father with Parkinson's Finds his Love for Painting Again

Flores-Galbis' work in the collection is an image of his early life in Cuba

His new work is an insightful piece called “A Tropical Childhood.” It consists of rich, vivid blue oils that are accompanied with vibrant greens, yellows, and oranges that form an abstract shape. At a glance, Flores-Galbis seemed to have added something similar to a raft on an ocean, with tropical leaves growing from it. There is also a tiger coming out of the raft, staring intently at those who view the painting. And, somewhere in the middle, there is a silhouette of a child with his boots and limbs peeking out. This painting, the artist says, is meant to represent his early days in Cuba.

Flores-Galbis left the country at the age of 9 for a children’s camp in Miami, as part of Operación Pedro Pan. This was when many Cuban families sent approximately 14,000 children to the United States between 1960 and 1962, after Fidel Castro took office.

Photo source: WBUR/Gallery Oh!