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Father with Parkinson's Finds his Love for Painting Again

Once she asked him to paint again, Flores-Galbis thought it was his turn to jump in the deep end

To this day, their bond is still there. For this reason, when Ives-Flores called her father and asked him to paint new art for her upcoming collection, it was her dad’s turn to take the plunge in the deep end with her. When he came into the studio once again, ready to paint through his Parkinson’s, he knew that he had to come up with a new aesthetic: one that would allow him to create impressive works, while also accommodating the limitations of his disease.

"With Parkinson's, there's a lack of dopamine in your brain. Dopamine is sort of the key chemical in you enjoying the world, in making you happy and giving you a reward," Flores-Galbis said. "And I wanted to just increase the reasons for reward."

Photo source: Jesse Costa/WBUR