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When it Comes to Crohn's, a Fecal Transplant Can Save Lives

This procedure might be more widespread very soon

Seattle Children’s Hospital is the only institute across the nation that is performing this type of Crohn’s-related research in pediatric patients. Since sharing his findings, Dr. Suskind has been contacted by numerous patient families from across the globe. He is now conducting a larger study of FMT, which will include 32 patients with Crohn’s disease. “This is the golden age of research for inflammatory bowel disease. It’s an exciting time to be working in this field because we’re so close to finding answers to some of our most important questions – and it’s possible that cures are right around the corner,” he said.
Other studies, including one of the largest published in 2015, was a randomized study of 70 patients with ulcerative colitis. The research team conducting the study found significant improvements in patients who received FMT in comparison to those who received a placebo treatment.