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Fibromyalgia: Breaking the Pain Cycle

Massage can interrupt the pain cycle

The pain cycle of fibromyalgia happens when muscles contract and stiffen up. Muscles that are stressed restrict movement, decrease circulation, and limit the amount of oxygen getting into the tissues. Muscles begin to swell and this creates pain.

Massage is systematic and scientific manipulation of the soft tissues of the body. The healthy touch of massage has been used for centuries and is the oldest method of healthcare still in practice. Massage has the added benefits of pain relief, reduction in anxiety, ease of muscle tension, improve range of motion, and increases flexibility.

Gentle massage for fibromyalgia patients encourages circulation in the muscles, increases the flow of nutrients and eliminates waste. It also is excellent for reducing heart rates, relaxing muscles, improving range of motion in joints, and increase the production of the body’s natural painkillers.