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Fibromyalgia: Getting Past the Fatigue

The feeling of being completely drained

Often times, patients diagnosed with fibromyalgia report experiences of deep and intense pain.  For some patients, the pain they experience will come and go as the day progresses.  In addition, the pain can even spread throughout one's body over time.  As for the fatigue that is commonly associated with fibromyalgia, patients can feel completely drain even though they received the proper amount of sleep the previous night. These feelings experienced by patients can often have a negative impact on day to day tasks, as simple objectives such as doing the dishes can bring about subsequent struggles with pain.

Although symptoms patients experience can differ, most of the treatments administered by doctors will stay the same. A variety of medications exist today that will often suppress the pain that comes with fibromyalgia. Another key solution however, is a healthy sleep schedule and exercise plan. Doing so can ultimately increase cardiovascular health and more importantly reduce swelling that can result from a more sedentary lifestyle.