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Fibromyalgia's Deep Connection to Vision Problems

You can manage your eye health with these tips!

Having issues with vision can greatly disrupt your. There are a few ways patients can use to cope with eye problems, which include:

  • Applying lubricating drops if eyes are dry and/or burning.
  • Increasing water intake to promote hydration.
  • Closing the eyes to give them a “rest” periodically, especially after long exposure to an electrical device.
  • Wearing sunglasses if eyes are sensitive to sunlight.
  • Working or spending time in a darker or quieter area of the workplace or home if both noise and light exacerbate headaches or eye pain.
  • Regularly consulting with an ophthalmologist to make sure that the prescription for corrective lenses does not need adjusting.
  • Using a magnifying glass when reading to take the strain off of the eyes.