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Fight Fibromyalgia Pain with These Remedies

Move as much as possible to ease the pain

When in the throes of a fibro flare-up and dealing with the pain that comes along with it, the idea of any kind of physical exercise is likely the last thing that anyone wants on their mind. However, working with a physical therapist to develop a series of therapeutic exercises can greatly reduce pain. 

Working with a qualified physical therapist goes beyond doing specific exercises once a week during an appointment.  Rather the P.T will also help to develop a tailored program to help with specific symptoms as well as introducing a number of self-care techniques and education about the disorder and how to live with chronic pain. 

A bit of movement every day can significantly help reduce pain and clear those cobwebs that can form on the brain. Understandably when the body hurts, no one really wants to get out there and pound the pavement.  However, sitting at home is not the best thing either.  Taking a gentle walk for about 15 minutes day can help keep those muscles and joints loose.  Fresh air is also a great way to clear the head and perhaps see things through a brighter lens.