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Scared? Find Out Why These 13 Superstitions Began

A black witch moth can symbolize the death of a loved one

A native insect of Mexico, South America, and the United States, the black witch moth (ascalapha odorata), is a superstition associated with death. It is one of the largest moths found in Florida, measuring up to six or seven inches in length, and only flies at night, which may contribute to its negative folklore status. Different cultures attribute different supernatural qualities to the moth, most of which revolve around death. In Mexico, for example, the sighting of a black witch moth symbolizes the impending death of a loved one, a belief that dates back to the Aztecs. In Jamaica, the moth is said to represent the soul of a deceased individual who is not at rest. Other Caribbean communities believe the bug is a witch in disguise sent by someone to curse you. Although the moth is considered harmless by scientists, it is seen as a general omen of bad luck.