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Scared? Find Out Why These 13 Superstitions Began

Just like people, superstitions evolve

Although many superstitions started out as terror-filled overreactions to unfortunate events, over time, they have dulled in intensity and have been adapted to fit the times. We no longer, for example, burn black cats every time one crosses our path. Instead, we keep them as pets and celebrate their mystical associations during Halloween. In fact, most superstitions have lost their survivalist intention to help keep humans alive and instead are now treated as quirky ritualistic behaviors used to encourage better circumstances (for those who believe) or simply to have fun (for the skeptics). Culture and modern thought have also influenced the evolution of superstitions, promoting the belief or disbelief in certain ideas. Family traditions, religious affiliations, and societal trends can all underwrite scientific evidence to disprove supernatural associations. We believe because we want to and also, perhaps, because we like to cling to our roots.