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Scared? Find Out Why These 13 Superstitions Began

Lucky Rabbit's Foot: A promise of good health, wealth and prosperity

One of the comparatively younger superstitions is rubbing a rabbit’s foot. The exact reasoning behind this is uncertain, although researchers believe the practice originated in medieval England and was brought over to America at the turn of the century. Historical accounts report people carrying around the tokens as a form of medical treatment for ailments like cramps and arthritis. There is also evidence the superstition began as far back as the ancient Celts, who believed carrying around the limb brought good luck. The act of rubbing the paw is likely due to its medical origins, when doctors believed rubbing the body against specific surfaces could cure certain illnesses.

By the early 19th century, a rabbit’s foot became associated with warding off witchcraft, possibly due to the black magic hysteria that erupted in Europe and America not long before. Once it found its way to America in the early 20th century, the rabbit’s foot regained its status as a good luck charm, with promises ranging from good health to wealth and prosperity.