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Scared? Find Out Why These 13 Superstitions Began

Superstitions and lucky charms are often exploited today

The concept of “luck” has been around about as long as superstitions and can be found in symbols and rituals all over the world. No one knows where it originated, but expressions of fortune pervade history and continue to this day. While there are those who genuinely believe in the power of good luck, many people exploit these superstitions for the sake of profit. This is commonly seen in casinos, where people will carry around lucky charms or engage in rituals like blowing on dice or spinning in circles before playing games. Around the globe, too, supernatural fears are preyed upon. For example, figurines of the Buddha and Chinese cats are sold in souvenir shops with claims of good fortune for those who buy them; bells are sold as wedding gifts in Ireland for brides to wear to ward off evil spirits; and in Japan, people come from all over to inhale the health-bringing incense from a Buddhist temple.