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First All-in-One App for Irritable Bowel Disease Launched

The Oshi experience can help doctors get a better glimpse

Despite the fact that there is currently no known cause or cure for either disease, Oshi empowers control on an individual level and better understanding of IBD wellness. It is transforming patients’ data, making it a handy tool to have while attending doctor appointments. It details all tracked information in one space and allows each patient to clearly communicate his or her own individual needs and concerns. “Oshi will allow for a greater understanding of how your IBD affects you. Share this with your doctor, so he or she will know all the important symptoms that characterize your IBD and how these may have changed over time since your last visit,” said Matthew J. Hamilton, gastroenterologist.

It has the potential to greatly improve lives with digital tools to manage and control both Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. “Oshi’s easy-to-use, best-in-class tracking and insights tool will allow patients to work with their physicians to uncover hidden patterns to figure out what triggers flares for their unique bodies,” said Weinstein.