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First All-in-One App for Irritable Bowel Disease Launched

Oshi's user data could be a huge help to researchers down the line

As bits and pieces of information are collected, the insights that Oshi generates will be unique, thus helping to better understand why patients with IBD experience flare-ups. By predicting these flare-ups before they occur, different treatments can be introduced and eventually, flare-ups can be potentially prevented. In the long run, the digital efforts will serve as the foundation for Oshi’s potential reach in disease research, personalized insights, and a new digital therapeutic. “I think these digital platforms have the potential to impact and disrupt these spaces like a new pharmaceutical product, or a new medication. There’s evidence that services like ours can improve outcomes and reduce costs. … I believe that’s the case in IBD in particular because it’s such an individualized, personalized experience,” said Weinstein.

Oshi is now available for download for both Apple and Android devices, from their respective stores - the Apple App Store or Android Google Play.