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Genetics and Lifestyle Choices Both Play a Role in How Alzheimer's Develops

Consider spiritual aspects of life

Though spirituality is hard to study concretely, evidence shows that faith in God (or whomever a patient believes in) brings patients comfort both in the current moment of their suffering and in the long-run as they are encouraged to look forward to healing. They hold onto things promised to them, such as divine protection and eventual healing, and the results prove that patients have a better quality of life. In a study by Linda Beuscher and Victoria T. Grando, one participant with dementia testifies to the renewed hope he has because of his faith, “Your spirituality is always there to rescue you, but it requires letting the Lord be in your life. The world says it is a crutch. Okay, what is wrong with that? You got a broken leg; you welcome a crutch because it relieves the pain. Well, Christ is my crutch. He is there to lift me up and walk with me. That is a very strong comfort for me” (Beuscher, Grando).