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Get Up and Move! Keeping Diabetes Under Control

Based off of this evidence, the ADA has updated their recommendations for exercise

This is one of many studies that need to be conducted to come to a definitive conclusion about exercise and type 2 diabetes. We do know that exercise is beneficial, and the American Diabetes Association (ADA) has recently updated their Position Statement on exercise because of these findings. The ADA recommends frequent breaks rather than just sitting in one position the entire day. Get up and move. Do stretches, calf lifts, or walk around the room for a few minutes. Any activity will lower blood glucose levels.

The ADA’s statement provides a starting point in generating awareness about the potentially harmful effects of total and extended sitting. Now, more studies need to be conducted to discuss the evidence and how it can help those with diabetes. Intervention evidence, including months and years rather than just weeks, are needed to inform those with diabetes about the dangers of sedentary behavior.